DermaVitality Enzyme Powder Cleanser

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This innovative powder cleanser is an amazing multi-tasker. It's a foam cleanser, exfoliator, and mask, depending on how much water you add to the powder.

This enzyme powder cleanser deep cleanses pores and all the buildup - such as the sebum and dead skin cells - using the papain enzyme. The Enzyme Powder Cleanser is loaded with vitamin E, the cleanser lathers up to leave skin soft and clean. Since it's a powder cleanser, it's super travel-friendly. A little goes a long way with this unique and gentle cleanser.

The Enzyme powder cleanser is great for dry and sensitive skin. It leaves the skin softer and smoother after washing with this luxurious powder to foam cleanser, and it is great for cleaning away all the dirt is debris clogging up your pores - it's at excellent substitute as an exfoliator for super sensitive skin.

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